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UART Reverse

UART Reverse

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The UARTReverse is a FT230XQ-R USB to Serial board.

It has a USB C connector for easy connection.

The Fuse that is connected in between the USB connector and the VBUS makes it
more safe against overcurrent. The fuse used is the 1812L110/33MR from littlefuse.

This product is created to make it easy to swap RX and TX lines.

The pinout is so that the ground pin is in the center, and the RX and TX pins are swapped.

In this fashion, having a 3-pin 2.54mm cable with GND on the outside of the wires

makes it handy to swap RX and TX lines.

The 5V0 of the VBUS is also broken out, so external devices can be powered.

DXF and STEP files are transferred after purchasing this item.

Manual - ALP00006 - UARTReverse


32,00 mm L x 25,00 mm W x 12,00 mm H

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