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LED Stamp

LED Stamp

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This LED board has got 3 L130-4080003000W21 leds in series.
Each of these series sections are parallel’ed 16 times.

There are two variants. One with leds on one side. One with leds on both sides.

Each LED has a nominal temerature of 4000 Kelvin.

The distance between the holes is 38mm. In both directions. The center hole is 20mm.

The connector can be a straight type or 90 degrees type, and has a pitch of 3.5mm.

DXF and STEP files are transferred after purchasing this item.

Manual single side leds - ALP00004 - LEDStampX1

Manual both side leds - ALP00005 - LEDStampX2


Single side leds - 55,00 mm W x 50,00 mm L x 2,50 mm H
Both side leds - 55,00 mm W x 50,00 mm L x 3,00 mm H

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